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  • Toxic Shark (2017) Movie

    Toxic Shark :- Watch Toxic Shark on Fire on MoviesCC, A tropical singles retreat takes a terrifying turn when guests realize a poisonous shark is infesting the surrounding water. Not only will it rip apart its victims, but it also uses projectile acid to hunt – in and out of the water.This here was quite the fun and enjoyable effort. One of the more enjoyable aspects to this one is the fact that there’s quite a lot to like involving the initial setup of the situation. The fact that there’s the former couple coming together to get their own form of closure only to stumble upon each other again is a nice start here, and that it leads into the shark attacks is where this one really scores well. There’s plenty of really fun action here due to that, from the initial action of the shark taking out the group in the sea trying to prepare for the group to the Yoga class being ambushed in the water after their class and the big scene of the shark appearing in the middle of the water activities which occurs in front of everyone that lets them know the shark is out there. These scenes are also peppered rather nicely by the shorter ambush style attacks such as the slow dragging of the workers away into the waters or the grand ambush on the group trying to get away from the island when they run into the creature that impedes their attempts by launching itself out of the water to attack. This one really manages to work well with the concept of the toxin being spread by the shark which is where the second half turns into a lot of fun by including the zombified residents being infected and causing issues with them as well, leading to plenty of big chases where they have to deal with the shark in the water and the rabid, infected people on land which adds even more action to this one. This extra wrinkle in the film gives it a rather fun time here as this offers the fun of a shark- attack film with the kind of action from a zombie siege effort with the way this one delves into the screaming hordes in the final half, giving the big finale a lot to like as well as bringing about the great fun of the shark swimming through the hordes of uncaring infected which ups the body count so considerably that there’s plenty of good gory fun to be had in that manner. These here are what hold this one up over it’s few minor issues. One of the main points against it is the film’s lack of information regarding the cause of the shark being infected, which is brought up that it got that way but never explained. The fact that there’s no issue with its deadliness is part of the problem here as there’s just not a whole lot given here as to why this got infected and the manner of it’s poisoning gives this one a bit of an issue. Likewise, there’s also the rather problematic and troublesome CGI which continually plagues these efforts and brings about plenty of derision when it comes to the inability to look realistic or move within the screen at all and brings this one down somewhat. Otherwise, there’s not a lot to dislike here.Toxic Shark on MoviesCC :-
    Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi
    Release: 3 August 2017
    IMDB Rating 4.6/10
    Director: Cole Sharpe
    Stars: Kabby Borders, Christina Masterson, Michelle Cortés