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  • Nashville Season 5 Episode 9 “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

    Nashville Season 5 Episode 9 “If Tomorrow Never Comes” :- Watch Nashville Season 5 Episode 9 “If Tomorrow Never Comes” on MoviesCC,Not just that Rayna dies, which is of course the suckiest of the suck. But the whole damn episode feels creepy and ominous, like some sort of bizarro version of Nashville where every positive moment is false and nothing feels safe. Even those insanely close-up photos of Rayna that CMT kept showing before the commercial breaks were freaking me out. It’s like the camera is staring into her soul. What are we supposed to do with this? I honestly don’t know. How does Nashville go on from here? How does this recap go on from here? Yes, other shows have killed off big characters before. Shonda made McDreamy McDeady. The Good Wife killed off Will Gardner and I’ve never forgiven them for it. But has the lead character of a TV show ever been killed off? This is like killing off Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote or MacGyver on, uh, MacGyver. I’m not sure this is salvageable, but then again, it’s not like Nashville had much choice. (I’ll explain why in a bit.)So Rayna gets rushed to the hospital and she’s kind of … fine? Her exceedingly glamorous doctor and/or spokesmodel tells Deacon that she has a shattered pelvis and hip, but no bleeding in the brain. Rayna needs a four-hour surgery, then she should be able to leave the hospital in a few days, good as new. This should be great news, except it doesn’t feel like great news, you know? First of all: Why give Rayna a car crash only to have her be, like, totes fine? And why does the whole episode have this glowy, hazy “Very Special Episode” vibe? One by one, Rayna’s friends and loved ones gather by her bedside. There’s a great scene where Scarlett goes to pick up Daphne at chorus practice, and Daphne looks up and sees her and thinks, “Hey, it’s Aunt Scarlett!” then her face crumbles as she realizes that it must be bad news. It sort of reminded me of a similar scene in Manchester by the Sea. (Yes, I just compared a scene in Nashville to a scene in a film by America’s greatest excavator of the human condition, Kenneth Lonergan. So there’s your cookie, Nashville.)The gang quickly gather. Maddie and Bucky and Gunnar and Juliette and Avery and Will are there, too … I think? (Is Will still on this show?) Rayna is awake and keeps talking about adding a new song to her album with Deacon. A final song, she says, “that last little thing you hear that suddenly makes everything make sense.” I could use a song like that right about now myself, to be honest.Nashville Season 5 Episode 9 “If Tomorrow Never Comes” on MoviesCC :-
    Drama, Music, Romance
    Release: 23 February 2017
    IMDB Rating: 8.2/10
    Director: Callie Khouri
    Stars: Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen