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  • Falling for Vermont (2017) Movie

    Falling for Vermont :- Watch Falling for Vermont on Fire on MoviesCC, A best-selling author who got amnesia as a result of a car accident finds refuge with the local doctor of a small idyllic town in Vermont.This movie just debuted tonight (9/23/2017) and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I think I’m the first one to add a remark. The main actress is very pretty and she’s from Argentina, who would have guessed? She’s been in the U.S. since she was 8 years old as I found out from IMDb website. I wonder if she speaks fluent Spanish because she’s definitely fluent in English. I liked this movie because the topic was different than the typical Hallmark flick. This one was about amnesia. I often wonder why we get amnesia, what causes it and do some people never regain their memory once they have it. I have often ‘imagined’ having amnesia and wondered how I would handle it if something were to happen to me and I lost my memory. It makes you wonder, that’s all. But this is worth watching. Sweet film. 7 Stars from me! The only downside to this movie is the fact that it was not filmed in Vermont. There is no such place in Vermont. I know because I currently live in Vermont. The location was fictitious or taken from a place in Massachusetts. It was filmed in Canada, not Vermont, disappointed in that only.Falling for Vermont on MoviesCC :-
    Drama, Romance
    Release: 23 September 2017 (USA)
    IMDB Rating 7.4/10
    Director: Drama, Romance
    Stars: Julie Gonzalo, Benjamin Ayres, Peter Benson